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Cheap Cars for Sale: SAT Japan’s Unbeatable Deals

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SAT Japan offers a wide selection of cheap cars for sale at their site for an affordable price. We are here to assist you in making the right choice from a wide range of affordable vehicles and help you find the one for you. Starting with roomy minivans and up to efficient city cars, our range covers different options to meet the needs of both quality and price. Look with us at the cheap cars that suit to keep reliability and value without violating performance or features.

This section will provide details of each car’s specifications, highlighting the most important points, including engine size, mileage, and transmission type. Whether you want a long-lasting vehicle for your family or a fuel-sipper for your work, our guide has all the information you need to make the right purchasing decision. Our help can assure you that you’ll commence a car-buying trip, knowing you’ll get a decent and affordable car in line with your specific conditions.

List of Cheap Cars for Sale

Here is a list of used cars for sale, which is a huge advantage if you need budget-friendly cars.

2004 Honda Odyssey

The 2004 Honda Odyssey has proved its quality over time and comes with excellent features. The vehicle will have a powerful and efficient 2400cc engine that gives enough power for various driving conditions. They will also maintain fuel efficiency. Its mileage of just 86147 kilometers undoubtedly demonstrates little evidence of wear and tear, implying its tireless run and the reliability of the new owner.

In addition to being automatic transmission-driven, the 2004 Honda Odyssey provides a relaxing and effortless driving experience, which makes it an apt vehicle for family members or those looking for comfort and convenience. Regarding city streets and long journeys, this car is of the highest quality and embodies Honda’s accuracy and performance.


Size2400 cc
Mileage86147 km
Fuel TypePetrol

2009 Honda Zest

The 2009 Honda Zest is a good choice in that segment since it is compact, fuel-efficient, and cost-effective. Powered by a lively 660cc engine, this car does two jobs simultaneously: It is also the perfect fit for downtown driving due to its high fuel economy. The vehicle has only traveled 38642 kilometers but looks in great condition with low mileage, indicating high dependability and durability.

This car with an automatic transmission gearbox gives it easy control while it shifts seamlessly, providing a smooth driving experience for the driver. Whether riding the chaotic bus routes or the weekend getaways, this equal part of performance and practicality is just right.


Mileage38642 km
Fuel TypePetrol

2009 Toyota Passo

The 2009 Toyota Passo is a sturdy and reliable choice among affordable used cars. Offering a small and capable 1000cc engine, this automobile provides a mix of power and good mileage, enabling a smooth and responsive driving style. Its mileage of 66258 km testifies to the moderate use standard and guarantees durability and sustainability for its subsequent owner.

The 2009 Toyota Passo has an automatic transmission feature, allowing for hassle-free gear changes and outstanding running capabilities in the city and on longer trips. Whether it be urban streets or weekend travels, it being a small yet spacious car, it is the proof of the pudding that Toyota is a high-quality and innovative company.


Size1000 cc
Mileage66258 km
ColorWine Red
Fuel TypePetrol

2007 Daihatsu Tanto

Daihatsu 2007 Tanto can bet that it offers a small and resourceful vehicle in the second-hand cars section. Characterized by a small but agile 660cc engine, this vehicle will be perfect for urban driving, complying with both demand and eco-friendliness. With its mileage of 125000 kilometers, it has earned a reputation for reliability and durability and will offer dependable performance for its upcoming owner.

The sedan comes featured with an automatic transmission, which gives the desired smooth and relaxed shifting, thereby raising the level of pleasure and comfort of the driver. Providing an enjoyable or peaceful journey, whether in congested city streets or daily commutes, these versatile vehicles offer convenience and comfort to drivers and their passengers.


Mileage125000 km
Fuel TypePetrol

2013 Suzuki Wagon R

The 2013 Suzuki Wagon R is a great, prudent, and highly proficient option for inexpensive used cars. Powered by a reliable 660cc engine, this car provides the driver with both acceleration and fuel economy, sufficient for urban and suburban driving. Besides its mileage of 103717 kilometers, it retains its name for reliability and long–term operation, with the same in mind for the next owner.

The 2013 Suzuki Wagon R makes perfect sense with an automatic transmission system, as the driver and passengers enjoy wearing seats with smooth and relaxing transitioning. Whether commuting in the city’s hub or traveling long distances, this adaptable vehicle provides passengers versatility and comfort.


Size660 cc
Mileage103717 km
Fuel TypePetrol

What are the advantages of the purchase of cheap used cars

Here are the advantages that you can enjoy if you buy a used car at a reasonable price.

Affordability: Cheap cars are often sold at a lower price, making them affordable to buyers who don’t have much money to spend on them.

Cost Savings: Car buyers who prefer to save money will opt for a cheaper second-hand car option since it will likely have a lower purchase price and may qualify for reduced insurance premiums.

Reduced Depreciation: Used cars frequently lose value at a slower pace than new cars, which means that you may not experience a drastic reduction in the value of your car.

Variety of Options: Countless cheap cars of different brands are available on the market. Therefore, buyers can choose from multiple car makes, models, and years; they can find the right car for them within a limited budget.

Lower Registration and Taxes: In most situations, the vehicle’s value will determine the registration fees and taxes; purchasing cheaper cars could lead to lower recurrent costs.

Why Should You Buy Cheap Cars for Sale from SAT Japan

Here are the reasons why you should buy a cheap car for sale from SAT Japan.

Vast Selection

SAT Japan offers a variety of cheap and good-quality cars that match different budgets and tastes while filling the gap in this market.

Quality Assurance

Every car is subjected to strict quality control and checks to guarantee reliability and performance.

Transparent Pricing

Besides the open pricing structure, where you won’t find any hidden fees or surprises, this helps you discover a deal you can afford.

Exceptional Customer Service

SAT Japan prioritizes customer satisfaction, even offering training and assistance during car-buying.

International Shipping

Take full advantage of the worldwide shipping alternatives offered by SAT Japan, which allow you to buy a cheap car regardless of where you reside.


SAT Japan offers a wide variety of top-quality cheap cars for sale at affordable prices, so customers are generally guaranteed to make good choices based on their preferences. Whether you want to find a small city car or a big one that can accommodate your whole family, our inventory will cover you.

Please browse our website to find that cheap car you have wanted for your daily driving. The car market in SAT Japan is characterized by open pricing, reliable standards, and customer satisfaction. Begin your quest to own a trustworthy and budget-friendly vehicle right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes used cars a good value for money?

Often, used cars are cheaper than new cars because of depreciation. Hence, one can save much money while still getting a trustworthy vehicle.

Are there dangers of buying a cheap car?

A cheap car is a very good deal in terms of its worth, yet it could be accompanied by high mileage or maintenance concerns. However, these risks can be mostly reduced through due diligence and research.

How can I find out if the used car is reliable or not?

Search for cars with low mileage, good maintenance records, and popular brand history. Moreover, consider getting a professional inspection before making the final call.

Could I buy an inexpensive used car with a loan?

Yes, used car financing is available from virtually all dealerships and lenders, and even the cheapest cars are eligible. Be careful when searching for the lowest rates and conditions.

What to do straight after you have bought a cheap used car?

After buying a second-hand car, it is important to schedule regular checks, such as oil replacement, tire rotation, and other maintenance work. Furthermore, to gain more confidence, budget for a warranty or enhanced protection.

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