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The Comeback of Nissan Juke for the European Market

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  • The Jazzy and adored Nissan Juke is making a comeback 
  • The manufacturing will take place in Nissan’s $2.2 billion plant in Sunderland, UK. 
  • Nissan confirmed to build the lead in the U.K.

The beloved and funky Nissan Juke that found a friendly audience in the U.S. was discontinued six years ago. However, it is going to make a comeback with a significant twist. It is set to be reborn as an electric vehicle (EV) for the European market by the end of this decade. 

Nissan is making a significant move towards electrifying its lineup with a primary focus on their most popular models, including Qashqai and Juke, with the next generation of the Leaf. The production will take place at a $2.2 billion plant in Sunderland, UK. 

Though in-depth details of these reworked EVs are not disclosed, the new model is anticipated to come with space-age designs and remove any combustion engine option. The comeback of Juke is the depiction of commitment, sustainability, and innovation in Nissan’s automotive industry. 

The plans for an all-EV lineup were announced in September, and Nissan has recently confirmed their plan to manufacture Leaf in the U.K. (now made in the U.S.). 

Chief executive of Nissan Makoto Uchida said that their team will be manufacturing, designing, and engineering the future vehicles, driving everyone towards an all-electric future. 

Mr. Uchida also hopes to manage the lagging EV sales by reducing the price of battery-powered cars to the same level as that of petrol-powered cars by 2030.  

It shows that the Biggest Japanese car brands are embracing electric vehicles. Though Japanese cars in the USA are already famous, Nissan is poised to impact the European market significantly and contribute to an eco-friendly automotive future. 

With the upcoming EV Juke, Nissan is all set to deliver a futuristic driving experience that captures the essence of the original model while embracing the latest EV technology

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