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Troubleshooting Guide: How To Resolve the CarPlay Not Working Issues

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Apple CarPlay not working is an integrated feature that enables the car’s infotainment system to work perfectly with your iPhone, allowing you to use all your phone’s functions safely and conveniently while driving. Displaying the iPhone’s interface on a car’s display, CarPlay allows you to make calls, send and receive messages, use navigation, and enjoy music by touch or Siri voice commands from a simple, recognizable, and user-friendly interface.

A well-functioning CarPlay system is more than a mere convenience while driving; it plays the pivotal role of reducing distractions, connecting you with essentials, and helping you access apps and functions without taking your eyes off the road. A smoothly working CarPlay system would mean that driving becomes pleasant and safe to a considerable extent.

What Are Common Reasons of CarPlay Not Working

Sometimes, CarPlay cannot connect to your iPhone, or you will notice that your screen stops or apps freeze. If sound problems, such as incomplete calls or no sound, happen, the student should contact the educational company to get the problem resolved. Another common issue that impacts interoperability is compatibility with outdated software on your iPhone or your car. To have a wonderful CarPlay experience, it is necessary to solve all the issues soon.

Keeping your iPhone and vehicle software up-to-date is important in resolving CarPlay problems. If the problems continue after trying out each phone call, the manufacturer for assistance is the appropriate option.

Explore The Initial Checks Before Troubleshooting

Before going into detailed troubleshooting steps, it’s important to perform some initial checks that can often resolve CarPlay issues quickly and efficiently: 

Enable CarPlay in Your Car’s Settings: Before proceeding, check if CarPlay is enabled in your car’s infotainment system settings. This feature is available and can be found in many vehicles under the general or connectivity settings.

Confirm Your iPhone is Compatible and Camping in the Latest iOS: Ensure that the iPhone model you own is compatible with CarPlay and that you have the latest version of iOS installed on the device. Regularly updating your iPhone’s software prevents you from getting behind and missing important features and fixes.

Make Sure There Are No Software Updates for Your Car’s Infotainment System: Ensure that your car’s infotainment version is running the latest software. The manufacturers often update and fix incompatibility problems and bugs; therefore, upgrading the system can resolve many CarPlay issues.

Preparing these first steps can help us recognize and fix minor terms that may cause us to waste time on the more complex steps.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide If CarPlay is Not Working

Here is a step-by-step troubleshooting guide.  

Check USB Connections

Examine your USB cable for deficiencies, such as fraying, cuts or bent connectors. A damaged cable that is not Apple-certified can cause intermittency or even connectivity failures, so using an Apple-certified option usually resolves connectivity issues.

Check USB Port in Your Car is Clean and Runs Well

Inspect the USB port in the car for foreign substances such as dirt, dust, or any other debris that can affect the stable connection. If it is needed, use compressed air from a can to gently vent the port by using a tiny brush. Furthermore, iPhone owners should try alternating the USB port the iPhone is connected to figure out whether it is a port-specific related issue. This way, one of the most frequent causes of connection issues is eliminated, so you have uninterrupted power and a smooth connection.

Restart Devices

CarPlay problems can be resolved by restarting your iPhone or car’s infotainment system. To power down your iPhone, press and hold the side button (top button for models with previous generations) along with a volume button until the slide to power off appears, then slide to turn it off. Restore it by pushing and holding the side (or the top) button until the Apple sign appears.

For your car’s infotainment system, find the power button and hold it until it completely shuts down and powers on (about 10-15 seconds). On the other hand, the startup button, which can be found in the system Settings, is a better option. Restarting both devices commonly refreshes bugs and restores CarPlay functionality.

Enable Siri

For flawless CarPlay operation, make sure Siri has been turned on your iPhone. This can be done by accessing settings on your iPhone, selecting “Siri & Search,” and ensuring that the toggle for “Hey Siri” or “Press Side Button for Siri” is in the on position. In the case of CarPlay, Siri is a function you use to communicate with your iPhone without any manual actions while driving. Using Siri, you can make calls, send messages, get directions, and operate CarPlay features voice-activated, thus increasing safety and convenience.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Settings

To fix Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection problems, first turn off these services and then turn them back on again. This strengthens weak bonds. Next, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi must connect the iPhone to the car system. Go to your iPhone’s settings, pick the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi menu, and choose your car’s name again to connect them. Frequently, these simple steps resolve CarPlay issues and drive you back to music, navigation, and hands-free calls in your car.

Reset and Reconnect

If CarPlay isn’t functioning, reset your iPhone and reconnect it to your vehicle again. Initially, go to the iPhone’s CarPlay settings and delete your car from the list. The next step is to select your vehicle from the available list. When working with CarPlay, these easy fixes can sometimes solve problems and resync the iPhone with the car’s infotainment system.

What Is Advanced Troubleshooting

Let’s look at the advanced options if the CarPlay is not working.

Reset your phone network by setting

If the problem persists, you can try resetting your phone’s personal network settings. This section walks you through resetting your iPhone’s network settings, which may address CarPlay’s connectivity issues.

Factories Reset Car’s Infotainment System

A factory reset of your car’s infotainment system will be the last step if other troubleshooting steps do not solve the problem. Ensure you carefully follow the procedures from your car manufacturer to safely and adequately perform this reset.

Consult the Manufacturer

If the CarPlay issues persist even after you have attempted all the solutions given, it is time to contact the car or device manufacturer for help. They can discuss the issues in more detail and precisely work on your vehicle or device’s CarPlay, addressing the system’s problems best.

What are the Preventive measures When CarPlay is Not Working 

Let’s explore all the measures you can take to prevent any problem.

Regularly Updating Software

Ensure you update your iPhone and car’s software, as the recent versions affect their compatibility and stability with CarPlay. Frequent updates also bring many bug fixes and innovations that can greatly improve CarPlay performance.

Using Certified Accessories

If you want to connect your phone to your car’s infotainment system, make sure that you use certified, high-quality accessories. CarPlay’s certified operators and adapters have been designed to communicate quickly without a hitch, thus reducing the chances of connection problems.

Avoiding Third-Party Apps

Be aware that you will lose some of the CarPlay functionality while installing third-party apps that affect the system. A few apps may disrupt or cause the CarPlay system; avoiding apps not recommended by Apple may result in a smoother CarPlay experience.


Finally, the good news is that you can solve many CarPlay not working problems with easy procedures provided by SAT Japan. We have discussed all the possible troubleshooting techniques to ensure your CarPlay is running smoothly, from resetting to checking wire connections. After learning these steps, you will notice no problems and can easily use your iPhone with your car’s infotainment system. 

But keep in mind that installing the latest software, using certified accessories, and not installing third-party applications should be preventive measures at all costs. You should try these problem-solving tricks and add to the comment section about your experiences or help. However, we can ultimately build our CarPlay experience to make driving safer and more fun for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay connects your iPhone with your car’s infotainment system, enabling you to use your iPhone for various functions, such as calls, messages, navigation, and music, on your car dashboard.

Does my iPhone work with CarPlay?

CarPlay is considered Apple’s version of Android’s “dashboards.” It generally requires iPhones running iOS version 7 or later. 1 or later. Yet, you may discover some differences depending on what exact iPhone model you’re using and whether it is operating the latest version of iOS.

What are the steps for connecting my iPhone to CarPlay?

To connect your iPhone to CarPlay, harness the Lightning cable to connect your phone to the USB port in your car. If you have a car with wireless CarPlay capability, you can establish a connection more easily via Bluetooth and WiFi.

Why is CarPlay no longer functioning in my car?

CarPlay is not an exception. It may also stop working for the following reasons (connectivity, software glitches, and hardware mismatch). The troubleshooting options consisting of restarts, connection checks, and software updates may fix the issues with CarPlay in most cases.

Can you use third-party apps on CarPlay?

However, CarPlay has many third-party apps, such as navigation, messaging, music, and audio. Although all third-party applications don’t operate well with CarPlay, you can still use them by checking their compatibility.

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