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Traction Control Light Blinking: Here’s What to Do

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It’s bad news when you experience that warning traction control light blinking on your dashboard instantly. Don’t panic at this time. To some extent, it might look like an alarm, but blinking lights indicate that the system is actively functioning to prevent the tires from spinning and, thus, loss of traction. Turning the light off when the conditions return to normal.

Besides, if the light remains on, this sign might indicate the need to deal with another more severe problem. Hang in there as we move on to why the blinking light could happen and what you do when you experience similar issues. Let’s get in and decipher some facts about what your automobile is conveying to you whenever those lights start flashing.

What Does the Traction Control Light Mean

Oh no, your traction control light just went on. Don’t rush; assure yourself to have it checked up. The anti-slip  mechanism assists on slippery roads, ensuring that your wheels never lose their hold.

The most common reasons for the traction control light to turn on are:

Faulty wheel speed sensor: These sensors estimate the rate of how many revolutions for every wheel. The other will not receive the correct signal from one not functioning properly, and the traction control function will be impaired.

Bad ABS module: The ABS module or pump failure works wherever your traction control systems are. If the ABS has a problem, it will eventually disable traction control.

Low tire pressure: Ensure your vehicle’s tires are inflated at the right pressure level. A pressure drop may lead to diminishing traction, and the wheel speed sensor may be triggered to continue.

Excessive wheel slip: Too much excessive wheel spinning may cause your traction control system to malfunction. This may occur a priori when driving in very rainy or snowy weather. The system should shut off only when conditions improve or the engine restarts.

Reasons Why Your Traction Control Light Is Blinking

The flickering of this light suggests a problem with your vehicle’s traction control system. These lights light up when your wheels are rolling at different speeds. When different speeds are recorded, you can lose control of the car.

Wheel Speed Sensor Issues

The typical cause for the blinking traction control display is a false-reading wheel speed data. These sensors track how fast the wheels spin and send the results to the traction control module. The system will work in a tab if something goes wrong with the light sensor. Install a new sensor right after the present one is identified as defective.

Traction Control Module Problems

The traction control module might malfunction in certain cases, which is why the light blinks. This may be rare, but it will involve changing the module to fix a problem. It is better to have the car scanned for diagnostic trouble codes to get to the bottom of the issue before replacing an expensive part.

Tips to Fix a Blinking Traction Control Light

It may be possible that there is an issue in your traction control system when the traction control light blinks. On the other hand, the bright side is that it could also be a minor situation, and you could do something about it by yourself. 

Here are a few things to try

For example, you should check your tire pressure. A blinking traction control light may sometimes alert you to low tire pressure. Ensure the tire pressure is set to the correct value indicated in the operator’s manual or inside the driver’s door jamb.

Wheel speed sensors are just as important as braking pads, so clean them occasionally. The sensor keeps track of the wheels’ speed and sends it to the traction control computer, which is your computer. Therefore, your computer takes over the traction control function. If the wheels find themselves dirt-covered, iced, or snowed under, it wraps its fix around the signal, making the light active. The road would be clear without fog; the sensor devices should work again once you hit the road.

Remove the battery for one hour, and after, keep it in a connected mode for another hour. Disconnecting the battery from the car for several minutes can contribute to resetting the traction control system and all the codes that may be regulating the system. Pair the battery with the circuit and run around for a short drive to ensure it stays on. While as though it could return with hope, it seems other problems might be there.

If the light blinks again right after you carry out these steps, take the car to your mechanic and ask him to check the system immediately.


There is no need to wail too much for a flashing traction control light. Regardless, only remain calm and look at the situation. You can start checking the manual and trying out some basic troubleshooting foremost. On the other hand, if it comes to the issue, take it to a technician for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main reasons for “BLINKING” Traction Control Light?

Some of the car’s most frequent faults are the wheel speed sensor crash, the loose gas bed, and the ABS sensor blowing.

If the traction control light is illuminated on your dashboard, may you continue driving?

It’s not recommended. Traction control is an element that helps to prevent skidding without hurting the car’s controllability. Or be certain of having it checked out immediately.

Does the warning light also appear with the traction control system?

Indeed, some traction control issues also light up the check engine light since they are sensed by the same hardware.

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