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Benefits of SAT’s Car Insurance 

Our policy fully covers your repair bills for any delivery accidents that might occur (up to the value of the vehicle). Full coverage starts from $80 only and goes up to $10,000 in case of an unlucky accident.

What Does Our Car Insurance Cover?

We cover a variety of automobile insurance needs, including

Engine mechanical issues

Partial damage to the vehicle

Electrical issues

Missing item replacements

Transmission mechanical issues

How to Report an Issue to Us?

To ensure complete transparency and to maintain proper structure for post-damage situations, we have designed a systemic process.

1. Report the Issue and Submit Proof of Damage

  • Connect With Our Customer Service Department.
  • Contact us within two days (48 hours) of collecting the vehicle.
  • The company shall bear no responsibility for any delays in reporting

Provide Evidence To Back Up Your Claim

  • Submit pictures and videos of the automobile demonstrating any harm, missing pieces, or mechanical problems with the vehicle; it is essential for validating the vehicle's existing flaws.
  • Provide a repair estimate written by a professional mechanic or technician outlining necessary repairs to your vehicle.
  • Email text of hear-say (email should contain the mechanic's insights regarding the repair issue).
  • Fill out the damage report and send it to us. Based on your registered complaint, a case report is created.


Do not remove any part of the vehicle before notifying us and proceed with the repair of your vehicle, as we need to assess the issue before approving a refund.

2. SAT Warranty Assessment

After receiving the evidence, your car concerns will be referred to an internal evaluation. We will notify you of the assessment results through E-mail.

3. Commencement of Restoration

If a sales team approves the damage claim, compensation is negotiated among the sales team and the authority, depending upon the severity of the case.

4. Confirmation and Reimbursement

Once we confirm that the approved repairs have been completed, we will guide you in obtaining your reimbursement.

Coverage for Small Damages May Be Exempted

Our insurance policy is designed to protect our clients from significant financial losses. However, minor damages such as scratches, dents, and other minor abrasions are considered low-risk issues and do not cause a substantial financial burden on the policyholder. As a result, it might be excluded from the coverage policy.

Please refer to our terms and documentation policy for further details