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Japanese Used Cars in Fiji

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Fiji Port List

Collect your vehicles from the following ports

From Lautoka port to:

  • Lautoka
  • Pick up at port

From Suva port to:

  • Suva
  • Pick up at port

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Import Regulations


Year Restriction

Max. 5 Years Old


Shipping Port



Time to Ship

5 to 8 weeks

(can vary)


Pre-shipment inspection


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Used Cars Import Rules and Regulations in Fiji

Age Restrictions

Vehicles must not be older than 5 years old from the date of manufacturing at the time of importation. 

Special vehicles, including (LPG, Solar, CNG, Hybrid, and Electric) should be less than 8 years old. 

Right-hand drive

In Fiji, the driving is on the left-hand side of the road, which is why the vehicles need to be right-hand drive (RHD).


It is mandatory to inspect used cars that are imported to Fiji. This is because used vehicles are subjected to pests and diseases. Import of vehicles free from unwanted pests is allowed.

Import Duties and Taxes on Used Cars in Fiji

Vehicles above 2500cc and under 3000cc are levied $7,500 per vehicle 

Vehicles above 3000cc are levied $20,000 per vehicle 

Duty Rate - 32% of the invoice value 

Excise Duty - 15% 

VAT - 15%

Unless imported to diplomats, no concession is provided on the importation of used vehicles.

Documents Required for Import of Vehicle in Fiji

  • Bill of Lading 

  • Commercial invoice 

  • Letter of authentication

  • Import permit or license 

  • An invoice showing export costs 

  • Memorandum

  • De-registration certificate 

  • ID copy

  • Passport

  • Odometer reading at the time of sale of export and at the time of importation into Fiji

Japanese Used Cars in Fiji

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