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The storage period starts from the date you place an order to the date of shipment. Unless you ask for storage service, all the shipments are managed at the earliest convenience to ensure early delivery of vehicles to the customers. Storage services for  Japanese vehicles already present at export customs custody after booking shipment cannot be availed.

We offer storage services to all our customers who want to delay their shipment for any cause or concern. Our reliable storage team provides a secure and climate-controlled vehicle storage facility, so you can remain carefree about your car’s storage condition. If you want storage services for your new and used Japanese cars, contact our sales manager.

Countries Where We Offer Storage Service

Storage Fee Charged Per Vehicle
1-30 days 31-60 days 61-90 days
Japan Free of cost JPY 10,000/ $90 JPY 20,000/ $190
Kenia JPY 10,000/ $90 JPY 20,000/ $190
Tanzania JPY 10,000/ $90 JPY 20,000/ $190
South Africa JPY 10,000/ $90 JPY 20,000/ $190
Mozambique JPY 10,000/ $90 JPY 20,000/ $190
Europe JPY 10,000/ $90 JPY 20,000/ $190
South America JPY 10,000/ $90 JPY 20,000/ $190
Uganda JPY 20,000/ $90 JPY 20,000/ $190

Benefits of SAT Vehicle Storage Service

By storing your vehicle at a reliable company like SAT, you can enjoy

Maximum Security

Peace of Mind

Customized Care

Reduced risk of damage

Why Store a New Vehicle?

Here are some of the reasons for storing your vehicle in a vehicle storage unit

You are on vacation and need a safe place to store your vehicle

You haven't sold your previous car and need storage space until you sell it

You want to preserve your vehicle until you are ready to embrace it fully