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Our auction service comprises selling used vehicles through an auction bidding system. An extensive range of pre-owned cars are sold in our Japanese auction through a competitive bidding process.

Purchase Your First Pre-Owned Vehicle – Buyer’s Guide

Buying a car is one of the most significant investments you can make. However, making a purchase, whether for a new car or a used one, can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. You might find it challenging to start your research. Many questions arise in one’s mind such as

  • Which car will be most suitable for my use?
  • Should I get a big car or a small one?
  • How much should I spend on the car?
  • This guide will help you find a car that meets your needs and preferences.

Choose a Used Car by Category

When purchasing your first used car, it is essential to decide the type of car you should purchase. Let's look at various car classes to help you narrow down your research.

1.Used Sedan

A sedan is a practical 5-passenger vehicle with four doors to ensure easy entry and exit of passengers. It has a three-box body, including the engine, the trunk, and the area for the passengers. The trunk keeps your cargo secure and separate from the main cabin and allows comfortable seating. The sedans are divided into three categories based on their size, and these include compact, midsize, and large seeds with 4 to 6-cylinder engines.

Why Choose a Sedan?

If you prefer smoother rides and better performance on highway or city roads, a sedan can be the perfect choice for you.

2.Used SUV

SUVs are a popular choice among consumers looking for high performance, plenty of seating, and spacious cabins.  They have excellent capability to run on rough terrain thanks to their power terrain and hefty designs. The majority of them are equipped with a four-wheel drive (4WD) system, and they also have higher ground clearance for muddy terrains. You can easily adjust up to 7 passengers in an SUV.

Why Choose a SUV?

If you travel long distances or drive on rough or broken roads, an SUV can be an excellent choice because of its larger wheels and better suspension travel. Also, their spacious interior makes them ideal for families.

3.Used Hatchback

You can easily identify the three and 5-door structures of a hatchback. What’s great about hatchbacks is that you can adjust larger items into the hatchback’s trunk, and the rear seats also fold down, providing you with more space for cargo. The trunk area of a hatchback is also flat making it much easier to load and unload.

Why Choose a Hatchback?

Hatchbacks are easy to drive in the city because of their compact size. They are also more fuel-efficient because of their lighter weight. Also, they are the best choice if you require extra cargo space.

4.Used Minivans

Mini Van is a great choice if you require more cargo space and need to adjust more passengers. A minivan usually has a shorter hood to provide a larger boxy cabin space. Though you might not find them so appealing in looks, they offer tremendous functionality. You can easily adjust eight passengers in a minivan, and it also offers plenty of headroom.

Why Choose a Used Minivans?

If you want a car with maximum interior storage for long trips, a minivan can be a great option.

5.Used Off-Road Cars

Whether you enjoy off-road trips or not, driving on bumpy and terrain roads is part of our daily lives. If you are an adventurous driver who enjoys long trips in hilly areas or on difficult roads, choosing an off-road car is the best choice for you. These vehicles are built to offer you a smooth and comfortable experience even on the bumpiest roads. They also have an all-wheel-drive system and can get you out of rugged surfaces, slippery areas, and potholes.

Why Choose an Off-Road Car?

Off-road cars are known to offer 4x4 because of an all-wheel drive system. These cars are powerful beasts that offer extra power and stability making them a perfect choice for harsher driving conditions.

6.Used Trucks

Trucks are primarily commercial vehicles used to move large and heavy cargo access and distances. They usually have a seating capacity of 2 to 3 passengers. The bed of a truck can easily transport bulky cargo by using adjustable belts and restraints.

Why Choose a Used Trucks?

Trucks can be used both as a personal vehicle and as a commercial vehicle. They are a great mode of transportation and can carry heavy cargo across great distances. Their larger tires grip the roads tightly, and also offer higher ground clearance. You can take them on a ride no matter how bad the weather condition is.

Determine the Purpose of Purchase

Before buying a used vehicle, you need to know the exact purpose of your purchase. Ask yourself the following questions to narrow down your choices.

Where is the car going to be used most of the time?

Does the vehicle cost fit in my budget?

Do I need the vehicle for long-distance travel?

Am I looking for specific features in the vehicle?

Make the Purchase Process Convenient with SAT

Purchasing a car, whether new or used, for the first time can be a daunting experience. However, choosing the right company can turn this experience into a thrilling existing one.  At SAT, you can explore a fantastic range of used cars and buy according to your choice. The staff is also amiable and dedicated to making your buying experience as convenient as possible. Choose SAT and get one step closer to buying the best car for you.