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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions describe how SAT operates. By using our website you acknowledge to accept these terms and conditions.


The company complies with all anti-corruption laws, including the Japan Unfair Competition Prevention Act and the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials.

Warranty and Liability

As permitted by the law, SAT excludes all the implied warranties that come as a result of using the site, or inability to use the site or outcomes of using, and liability for consequential, indirect, or punitive damages to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Terms that are Non-English

These terms are only authoritative in their English translation. Translations into languages other than English are inoperable and are merely provided for convenience.

Other Agreements

Use of the site is subject to the given terms. Unless you have a separate contract signed, the terms of trade apply to all transactions.


In the event of failing or refusing to accept a provision, you cannot waive a right or remedy for omission, act, course of conduct, or course of performance. These terms will still apply even if some of them are found to be unenforceable. Only Japanese law and Japanese courts have the authority to regulate and decide on these phrases.


Register to SAT's customer account to make transactions. No charges are applied for registration. Add correct, comprehensive, and conversant information. The company disclaims responsibility for damages brought on by inaccurate information. You can check prices and complete transactions after receiving login credentials.

Data Handling

SAT processes subject data under the Privacy Policy, available at our Privacy Policy page. For the protection of personal information, the firm complies with the Japan Act i.e. Act on the Use of Social Security and Tax Number System Other data-handling applicable law

Security Export Control

All domestic and international security and anti-terrorism laws are followed by the company, including list controls that forbid payments to sanctioned nations, sanctioned people, or embargoed goods, such as nuclear materials and other weaponry. Any transaction that violates this rule is forbidden.


Abuse includes and is not limited to violating applicable law, creating falsified SAT customer accounts, violating given terms or written policies, and all other deceitful acts. Moreover, the company can suspend abusive customers' accounts without prior notice. You will be responsible for compensating SAT for losses due to negligence, breaches, or contract violations


The terms of trade are included with the invoice control transactions. Unless otherwise specified in writing, units on the site are provided on CFR or FOB terms and priced in the currencies EUR, GBP, JPY, or USD. Only the currency listed on the invoice is accepted as payment by the business. Bank fees and additional transaction costs are not reflected in the invoice and are your charge.

Anti-Social Forces

SAT upholds internal acquiescence standards to stop anti-social transactions and never transacts with organized crime. These policies include checking business partners for anti-social ties and adding contract terms for sales and procurement that exclude anti-social forces. Any transaction that violates this rule is forbidden.

Please Note: SAT owns the copyrights to all the content on the website. It is prohibited to copy or use any of the website's content.