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What is a Spoon Engine? Everything You Should Know

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If you are a fan of sports movies such as Fast and Furious, you would have come across the concept of a spoon engine. But what exactly is it, and why does it have so much hype in the automotive world? Let’s dive in and look at the details of spoon engines so you can learn more about them.

What is a Spoon Engine?

A spoon engine is a highly modified, finely tuned internal combustion engine known for its exceptional performance capabilities. These engines have undergone major modifications to maximize their power input and enhance their efficiency. They have a tendency to match the performance of racing cars in terms of speed and power. 

Over the years, spoon engines have gained so much popularity among automotive enthusiasts for their ability to significantly boost a vehicle’s performance. They are one of the most sought-after engines that can surely enhance your driving experience. 

But why are they called spoon engines? Does it have anything to do with their manufacturing? Let’s find out.

Origin of the Spoon Engine: Why are they Called Spoon Engines?

The name “spoon engine” originates from the renowned Japanese automotive company Spoon Sports. This company is known for fine-tuning and improving engines for remarkable performance. This company has gained recognition in motorsports as high-performance engines are highly essential. 

Such manufacturers have highly modified engines with remarkable performance and a focus on precision and balance. They carry a solid association with high-tech modifications and toning.

Which Cars Have Spoon Engines?

Spoon engines are derived from standard Honda vehicle engines. They are particularly designed for a selective range of Honda engines. However, it is possible to customize them to fit into other vehicles with some effort.

Prime Honda cars with engines include 

  • Honda Fit 
  • Honda S2000
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda N-one 
  • Honda Accord 

Manufacturing of a Spoon Engine 

Rather than undergoing a complete overhaul, the spoon engine resembles the original engine present in a vehicle. The process involves incorporating aftermarket spoon components rather than replacing the whole engine. However, enthusiasts can also buy each component and assemble them on their own. However, this approach does not make it a legally designed spoon engine. 

The components of the engine are balanced and then weighed with a precision of 0.01 grams which is a really precise specification. 

How Can I Get a Spoon Engine?

Finding a spoon engine can be challenging as they are not widely available in typical auto parts stores. You have to keep an eye out to get your hands on them. Some of the places where you can find engine around you include: 

Specificized Automotive Shops 

Look for particular auto shops that focus on modification and performance upgrades. These shops have expertise in installing spoon engines. 

Online Automotive Forums 

You can explore online automotive forums and similar market places where car enthusiasts can be found selling their car parts. You might be able to find dealers or any individual selling spoon engines or who might have information on where to find them. 

Reputable Dealership 

Authorized dealerships especially those specializing in Japanese sports cars can have access or knowledge in regard to acquiring engines. 

Auto Shows or Events 

Attend automotive events, gatherings, or shows that are dedicated to performance upgrades.  You might meet enthusiasts and vendors with information regarding acquiring aengine. 

Directly Contact Spoon Sports 

You can contact spoon sports directly through their official website or simply by reaching to the authorized dealers. From them you can get information regarding reputable source of spoon engines. 

It is preferable to do thorough research and verify the credibility of the source before making a purchase particularly when we are talking about high-valve automotive components such as spoon engines. 

How Much Horsepower Does a Spoon Engine Have?

There are many factors that determine the horsepower of a spoon engine. Firstly, the power output can vary from one engine to another. This is because every engine is worked by hand, even if they are filled with the same car model. 

How much Does a Spoon Engine Cost?

The cost of spoon engine varies according to the model of the vehicle and the owner’s modification requirements. Generally, the prices for these engines start from $10,000 which means that these engines can cost much more than a  second-hand Honda. However, if we talk about improvements in relation with handling and performance, buying spoon engine fitted into a vehicle can be a cost-effective way of acquiring a car that can take on high-end performance. 

Should I Purchase Spoon Engine?

If you are into vehicles and passionate about boosting your vehicle’s power and performance, a engine is something you should get a hold of. Also, if your vehicle is compatible with spoon engine, you can upgrade your vehicle. 


Spoon engines received so much more recognition and praise from the original Fast and Furious movie when Hector’s heist cars ran on engines.

High modification is required for an engine to be called a spoon engine. It needs to be modified and fitted by Spoon Inc, which is based in Japan. Moreover, they are only going to fit the engine in Honda cars. These options are available for all models of Honda and having one of these engines fitted in your vehicle can help you reduce much of the car weight and also increase speed and performance of your vehicle.

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