Honda is one of the first names that comes to someone’s mind when they think about cars. Honda has successfully produced numerous car models that are loved by car fanatics worldwide. In this blog, we will do a car comparison between the Honda Passport vs Honda Pilot. 

Honda Passport

The first model of the Honda passport was launched in 1994. This SUV has a total of three generations, with modifications occurring with every launch. The features of the 2023 Honda Passport are discussed below.


The Honda Passport has comfortable leather-trimmed seats for five people, including two heated front seats. This vehicle has a spacious interior with ample cargo space. If the rear seats are folded down, the car has a massive trunk space of 77.7 cubic feet. The Honda passport has an impressive total of eight airbags. For child safety, this car is equipped with ISOFIX child seat anchors, a system that uses anchor points to secure the child seat. Other safety features include an immobilizer, child locks, vehicle stability control, and downhill assist control. The car does not have a CD and DVD player, but it does have an auxiliary cable option for the passengers to put on what they want. 

Now, let’s look at the wide range of comfort features this vehicle provides. The Honda Passport has an air conditioner, heater, and a defogger, so you can drive comfortably in any weather. It is also equipped with climate control, so you can enjoy a stable temperature of your choice inside the car. Other features include power steering, power boot, power windows, power mirrors, and a power door lock. These features give the driver complete control of the car’s windows, locks, trunk, mirrors, and doors with just a push of a button. The power steering also reduces the effort required by the driver to turn the steering wheel, improving the overall journey. There is also a cruise control option that allows the driver to drive at a steady speed without having their foot on the pedal. Other features include an armrest, electric handbrake, cup holders, rear folding seats, and rear AC vents. 

In summary, this vehicle has outstanding interior features, so passengers can have considerable facilities during their journey. 


Now, we will see the exterior of the Honda Passport. The vehicle’s dimensions are 4.84m *2.28m * 1.84m. The kerb weight of the car is 1914 kgs. The vehicle has alloy wheels with a wheel size of 20 inches, ensuring that the car has a firm grip on the road and the braking process remains efficient. The Honda passport also comes with a spare tyre, in case of emergencies. 


The Honda Passport has a six-cylinder engine that runs on petrol. The vehicle is an impressive 3471 cc and provides a standard horsepower of 280 hp at 6600 RPM. The maximum speed of this car is 220 KM/H. The fuel capacity is 74 liters. Talking about the mileage, the Honda Passport gives a mileage of 8 KM/L in the city and 11 KM/L on the highway. Hence, this car has a high petrol consumption, a critical factor to consider before the purchase.  

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Honda Pilot

The first generation of the Honda Pilot came out in April 2003. This vehicle has remained one of the top choices of big car fanatics. In contrast to the Honda Passport, the Honda Pilot is currently in its fourth generation. Due to its success, this vehicle is sold globally, including continents such as Asia, North America, and Europe. The car’s features are discussed below. 


The Honda Pilot is huge in size; it has a seating capacity for eight people. This SUV allows up to 87 cubic feet of space with the second and third rows folded. Moving onto safety features, the Pilot has front, side, side curtain air, overhead, and knee airbags, so the passengers remain safe in case of any collision. The vehicle also has child locks to prevent the door from being opened from the inside. The Honda Pilot also has a blind spot information system, which alerts the driver if anything is detected in the blind spot zone. 

The luxury features of the Honda Pilot include color touch screens, wireless apple car play, android auto compatibility, wireless phone charging, and an internet hotspot. Besides having the standard air-conditioner, heater, and defogger, the Honda Pilot comes with heated door mirrors that switch off automatically depending on the weather outside. The car also has an impressive heated steering wheel. Additionally, this vehicle also has a climate control feature. Just like the Honda Passport, the Honda Pilot also includes power steering, power windows, power mirrors, and a power door lock. Both the Honda passport and Honda pilot have smart keyless entries as well. The Honda Pilot also has an aesthetic one-touch power panoramic moonroof, which adds to the class of this lavish vehicle.


Now, we will describe the exterior features of the Honda Pilot. Since this is a mid-size SUV, the vehicle’s dimensions are relatively larger than average (5.08m * 1.99m * 1.8m). The weight of the car is 2086 kgs. Similar to the Honda Passport, the Honda Pilot also has alloy wheels of 20 inches, so the road grip and braking safety is not compromised.  


The Honda Pilot has a fuel-run engine with a tank capacity of 70 L. The vehicle is 3498 cc and provides a standard horsepower of 285 hp at 6100 RPM. The top speed of the car is 180 KM/H. Moving on to the mileage, the city mileage for the Honda Pilot is 8 KM/L, and the highway mileage is 11.5 KM/L. This is similar to the mileage given by the Honda Passport.  

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In this blog, we went deep into the specifications of the Honda Passport and Pilot. The major difference between the two is that of size. The Honda Pilot is considerably larger than the Honda Passport. There are many interior features present in the Honda Pilot as well that are not there in the Honda passport. However, these additional features come at a higher price. Hence, if budget is not a problem, then you should definitely choose the Honda Pilot.