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Exploring the Advantages of Japanese Used Car Auctions for Car Lovers

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Japanese automotive industry is growing at a rapid pace because of the quality and reliability of their auction house, and car auctions in Japan is the prime method of selling and purchasing vehicles.

You can explore a vast number of high-quality Japanese used cars for sale at auction houses. Easy access to auction houses and Japanese used car exporters has made selling and purchasing of vehicles through auction a very efficient process. 

Benefits of Japan Car Auction 

Japan auction houses offer a wide variety of vehicles with different price ranges. Here are some of the prime advantages of purchasing from Japanese car auctions. 

  1. Affordable Cars 

As compared to other brands, Japanese used cars are available at affordable prices. Also, there is no extra dealership profit margin, so you can save extra money. Also, after inspection, if the customer finds any issue in the vehicle, he/she can negotiate the price further and get the vehicle at more affordable rates.  

  1. Vast Options to Choose from 

Because used automobiles in Japan are quite costly for the owners, they prefer selling them as quickly as possible. Therefore, you can explore a massive range of Japanese vehicles at auction houses. Auction houses offer a single model with many features, aesthetics, and attributes. Each auction house provides the most outstanding selection for a car with a range of costs and miles.

  1. Quality 

Only high-quality Japanese vehicles are picked at auction. One of the reasons why Japanese vehicles are in good condition is because Japanese sell their vehicles within 3 to 4 years of purchasing them. Also, Shaken Law has ensured that all buyers get exceptional quality vehicles. 

  1. No Fake Auction Sheet 

The worth of your car is raised in the eyes of consumers by the availability of auction sheet reports. Dealers take advantage of this by giving buyers false auction sheets. 

However, at auction, you are provided with the actual auction report which is authentic and can be proven even after ten years. 

  1. Good Price on Minor Damage

A damaged car costs less than a similar vehicle in good condition. Even a little collision with the vehicle won’t affect the rating but can help you save money. You may also view the damage to the vehicles in real-time. Images and descriptions of every car can be obtained from auction houses.

How to Take Part in Japanese Car Auction?

The majority of people visit showrooms to explore their desired vehicles. However, if you are unable to locate your favorite vehicle, you can visit Japanese car auction websites. At the Japan car auction, you can explore a wide range of affordable vehicles and bid on the one you like. 

Here are some of the guidelines for purchasing cars from a Japanese car auction 


Firstly, you need to make a decision about the type of vehicle you want to buy. You can get assistance from Japanese auto dealers or reputable used car exporting companies to make an informed decision. 

Know about the Maintenance History 

You can’t take the vehicle from auction to test drive before purchasing it. So, how can you avoid purchasing a repaired or damaged vehicle that might cost you so much money in the long run?

Pay attention to the preparatory guidelines to avoid wasting too much money on repairs. Make sure the automobile has been well maintained, and carefully review the service history before placing a bid.

You might be living in another country, worried about missing something. In this situation, you can employ a qualified vehicle inspector by getting in touch with a reputable auto exporter.

Don’t Just Go for Looks

When purchasing a vehicle from an auction, do not just go for looks, as an appealing car can have some hidden defects. Therefore, look for the strength and performance of the vehicle. Trust reliable Japanese car exporters to find out details about a vehicle. 

The Age of the Vehicle 

Knowing about the age of a vehicle is just as important as any other detail. In Japan, the age of a vehicle is decided by the age of registration. A vehicle inspector can help you determine the age of the vehicle, whether you want to know the manufacturing date or the registration date. 

Don’t Trust the Images 

One of the drawbacks of not being at auction is that you can be deceived. Because all you can see is pictures, and if you have hired a dealer, they can make big money due to your absence. It is preferable to get assistance from a trustworthy car exporting company to take part in a live auction and see your vehicle thoroughly. 

Watch for Quality vs. Cost 

Purchasing a vehicle at a car auction is just the first step linked with vehicle purchasing. The auction house charges some processing fee to become part of the auction. If you want to be sure about your purchase, it is preferable to get assistance from a trusted vehicle inspector or a reliable vehicle export company. 

Also, do not purchase an unregistered vehicle, as it can cause you several problems on the road. If you do not want to deal with any sort of mechanical issues, choose a newer vehicle that is still under warranty. This can be a more safe way to get a vehicle at auction. Lastly, do not fall for outer beauty and lower price. Prefer quality over cost. 

Take Assistance from Japanese Car Dealers 

If you are not able to bid yourself, you can get assistance from Japanese used car dealers to bid on your behalf. The agents are more practical and have more experience and knowledge specializing in the vehicle industry. They can help you find reliable vehicles at reasonable prices. 

Why Do People Prefer To Buy From a Car Auction?

The prime reason why people prefer to purchase from a car auction is because you can avail affordable rates at a car auction. The vehicles at auction are up to 30% cheaper than at showrooms. 

Top Japanese Companies that Offers Car Auction Service 

The majority of Japanese automobile exporters offer physical and online auction services. So, even if you are unable to be physically present at the auction place, you can contact Japanese car exporters and take part in a live auction. 

Some of the best companies offering reliable auction services include

  • SAT Japan 
  • Next Drive 
  • Japan Car Trade 
  • Be Forward 


In conclusion, people prefer to purchase vehicles from auto auctions because of assured quality, step-by-step guidance, and genuine details about the condition of the vehicle. You do not need to have any experience to purchase a vehicle through an auction, your agent will guide you through the whole process from the selection of a vehicle to payment and delivery terms. Around 150,000 vehicles are offered weekly for bidding. 

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