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Reasons Why Your Car Makes Humming Noises When Accelerating 

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Is your car making a humming noise when driving? Well, to prevent costly repairs, it is essential to tend to it immediately. One of the most common issues that the majority of people face is annoying car noise, particularly when a car makes a humming noise when accelerating. 

Why Do I Hear Humming Noise When Driving?

Humming noise in a car when accelerating means your vehicle is making a sound when you try to speed up, and it can happen for many reasons. Let us have a look as we lay out our expertise to ensure your car’s health.

Broken Transmission 

One of the reasons why your car makes noise when accelerating is because of a bad transmission issue, i.e., worn-up gears of the transmission system. 

The engine has several gears that quickly wear out if you drive frequently. As a result, when you try to accelerate your vehicle, it makes vibrations and noises. If you cannot figure out the part of the damaged transmission, you are advised to take your car to a mechanical professional. 

Transmission Fluid Issue 

Excess air in a complete transmission line can produce noisy sounds. Therefore, it is important to check the fluid regularly and replace it with a high-quality version. 

Engine trouble 

Another reason why a car makes humming noise when driving is related to engine issues such as leakage, loose belts, or faulty power systems. 


To find the damaged part, sometimes the engine is checked. The presence of a leak in the exhaust system or power steering can be the cause behind the humming sound from the engine. You can fix this yourself and also get assistance from a professional.   

Low Fluid Carrying 

Low-fluid carrying can also be a possible cause. To fix this issue, you just need to add liquid, and your vehicle will start to run normally. 

Loose Belt 

The belt is essential for tires to drive, and it can be loosened up. Because of that, your vehicle can produce annoying loud noises, which can also cause significant damage to your car. 

Steering Issue 

One possible reason why your car makes a humming or roaring noise when driving is that there is a defect in the car’s steering system. Before panic starts setting in, let’s list down the different problems your car’s steering system may be facing:

Turned Steering Wheel

One reason for a whining or humming sound produced from your car can be that one of your wheel’s bearings has been corrupted and the fault lies in your turned wheel.

Loose Steering Belt 

Another reason behind the humming noise from your car when driving is the unfastened steering belt which gets worn out over time, when not maintained. As your belt gets loosened, it can create some major impact, including screeching noises from your engine when accelerating. 

Faulty Power Pump 

A faulty power pump can produce a humming noise and cause severe damage to your vehicle.  A faulty power pump will lead to leaks and metal contamination in your vehicle; Hence, this issue is to be promptly addressed. 

Signs Related to Humming Noise While Driving

There are three primary signs that you must look for to identify the humming sound when driving or accelerating.

  1. Driving your vehicle for long periods results in sustained transmission, especially if the vehicle has loose bearings. The first sign of this vehicular defect is a continuous whining sound.
  2. Another factor to help you gauge the damage in your steering system is the Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) of your car. The level of RPM is also closely related to the noise. A wheezing sound can be produced with greater RPM when you increase speed. Grinding Noise When Braking is another indicator of underlying issues.
  3. Another signal behind the occurrence of this humming noise can be observed on the highway. When you change lanes or take sharp turns at greater speeds, there is a higher chance of your vehicle producing humming sounds on the highway. 

What Can You Do If Your Car is Making Humming Noise When Accelerating?

Now that your concern of “Why is my car making humming noises” has been attended to. Next, let’s move on to the precautions and solutions for this humming noise from your car. Here are some of the measures you can take if your car is making humming noises:

Replace Your Wheel Bearings 

Often, your car’s wheel bearings wear out after a long driving period, requiring a replacement. This task is not as worrisome as it sounds because your local technician can get it done in no time. 

Get Your Tires Balanced 

Leaving your car parked, unattended, for an extended period without moving it can cause the tires to become unbalanced.  Additionally, if the seat vibrates, an imbalance can occur in the rear wheels which causes a misalignment in your vehicle. Consequently, you must regularly take your vehicle for tire tightening, which will cause your car to remain balanced. 

Take Your Vehicle for Examination 

If your vehicle is still making humming sounds, it is preferable to take it to a professional mechanic for diagnostics. The cost of diagnostics depends on the model car and the issue you are facing with your vehicle. 


Now, you might be familiar with some common causes behind humming noise while driving. When dealing with car-related issues, it is preferable to follow the best approach as it can affect your and other people’s safety. Also, get your vehicle checked on a regular basis to prevent these incidents from occurring in the first place. SAT Japan has all the cars and all the information about car-related issues.

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